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This is Sprung from the Mariah Carey Collection for spring 2013 by OPI. A mix of golden and copper shimmer particles. Pretty, but didn’t amuse me very much…



Get Your Number


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Okay, get ready!



This polish is amazing. A. MAZ. ING! It’s so glittery and sparkly, it feels like your nails are covered in diamonds and stars in a clear blue sky. Love it! The only polish that made me look at my nails like this all day long was Peridot. This is Get Your Number from Mariah Carey Collection by OPI. The polish is with OPI’s new finish called Liquid Sand. I’ve heard some people don’t like the feeling of liquid sand at all, because it’s not smooth as a regular finish. It’s not as gritty as you might think, I was expecting a really rough finish but I don’t mind the bit of dry feeling at all, this polish is gorgeous, and it’s all that matters! Now I can’t wait to try Stay the Night from the same collection, it’s black with red glitters.

January Treats


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Some of my picks for January are from Mariah Carey Collection for Spring 2013 by OPI. I also got Planks a Lot (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection, Spring 2011, OPI), Gris Angora (Vernis in Love by Lancôme) and sunny yellow Spice Market by KICKS. Really curious about the new Liquid Sand finish by OPI!


With flash…

No flash

Indoors, no flash.


Rouge Expressioniste


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I’ve been away from the blog lately, and been really looking forward to updating it. Today I got my hands on a real beauty, Rouge Expressioniste from YSL’s latest fall collection, Contemporary Amazon. I know, we’re over with fall and actually facing spring (I’d like to think!), but I’ve been thinking about getting Rouge Expressioniste for so long, ever since I first saw it, so I’m really happy about it today :) Here it is, together with GoldenEye (OPI, Skyfall Holiday Collection for 2012) and french manicure tips with Vertigo by Chanel on my nails. GoldenEye is really sparkly!


The Spy Who Loved Me


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The Spy Who Loved Me, a classic red with so hard to catch sparkle and golden shimmer, is from the Skyfall Holiday Collection 2012 by OPI. This is a miniature bottle, and it’s so so tiny, you can barely hold the cap. This makes it quite hard to do an even painting, and I don’t think I’ll buy any of OPI’s miniatures in the future.