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My nails are in a really boring condition. They are all in different lenghts, and as soon as one is catching up, another one breaks :( Not the worlds biggest problem, I know, but really annoying. I have so many beautiful polishes that I want to try, but I want to try them on long nails, so they will have to wait a while. I’ve heard so much about OPI’s Nail Envy that’s supposed to strenghten the nails, so in the weekend I went and got a bottle. You’re supposed to do two coats of Nail Envy, and then one coat every other day, so I started with that immediately yesterday. But seeing my natural looking nails today, I couldn’t resist putting some polish over Nail Envy hihi… Here’s three coats of Don’t Touch My Tutu from the New York City Ballet Collection for Spring 2012, by OPI. It’s milky white and very sheer, and gives a natural look that doesn’t attract to much attention to your nails (i.e. boooring…!).